On back of dust jacket line 14 has a lowercase j in jay Gatsby which is hand-corrected in ink on most copies or overstamped a few copies with a capital J. The dust jacket protects the book covers from damage.

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02062021 What is the point of a book dust jacket.

What is the point of a book dust jacket. 10092008 First Edition Points. Remember that the dust jacket is an important part of any book and so books without their original dust jackets typically have less value. 27042012 I just dont see how a dust jacket actually protects a book particularly a childrens book which is going to have a lot of wear and tear thanks to its target audience.

27082018 The physical outer layer of book that can sometimes be removed from the actual bound cover is called a Dust Jacket The writing on a back of the cover or dust jacket is sometimes referred to as the book Synopsis or Blurb. Dust jackets are so important that sometimes an essentially worthless book can be valuable because of its dust jacket. Without their jackets most books are visually dull.

Later printings of these books will have a Division of Random House. 25062019 The book jacket is a sales tool inviting readers to the text telling them much about what they will find on the pages between the covers. The first edition book might sell for 50 or so since it is not too difficult to find.

The first edition book might sell in the 300-600 range so about 120 th the value of the first edition book with dust jacket. Second state had the error corrected on the dust jacket. However since it is itself relatively fragile and since dust jackets have practical aesthetic and sometimes financial value the jacket may in turn be wrapped in another jacket usually transparent especially if the book is a library volume.

Kids books have such fun dust jackets that Im trying to figure out a cute and easy way to display some of our favorites. To protect the hardcover below it so that it does not get worn out with time. 25022010 A good dust jacket helps sell a book.

However the idea of protecting something quite durable with something way more fragile while using this outer fragile layer. 06022017 The dust jacket makes the book look more put-together and dressed in my mind My toddler immediately removes the dust jackets from her books and tries to with mine. Despite the adage the book jacket generally broadcasts to the consumer much about the book ideally casting it in the best light possible to draw in its target readers.

The title subtitle authors name exceptional blurbs and other inducements to buy are often featured on the cover. There are poorly written books which have beautiful dust jackets. 03062021 It may be to the tail bottom edge of the covers as they rub against the shelf to the dust jacket or exterior of the covers when no dust jacket is present as the book rubs against its neighbors or to the head of the spine which some use to pull the book from the shelf.

I am wondering what is the reason behind adding a dust jacket when a book has a hardcover as well. 26072013 A dust jacket guards against scratches scuffs jelly and other distortions unworthy of a books perfection. The Cat In The Hat first edition book with dust jacket would have a market value of 4000 or so in Very Good condition.

On the book and dust jacket in addition to the other identifying points enumerated in the table. In this regard it resembles. 20112009 In non fiction books the cover or front of the dust jacket is an extension of the publishers marketing plan for the book.

Highest price first Lowest price first Newest ones first. Initially the purpose seems to be obvious. The true first printings of the first seventeen books will have Distributed by Random House.

The graphic approach colors and style will be used to position the book within its niche or category. If Im SO worried about protecting the book Id almost rather pay the extra cash for a library binding edition of the book rather than putting my faith in a thin paper wrapper. Dust jackets provide the vast majority of books published today with their only color and art.

On the book andor the dust jacket.

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