When saving geraniums for the winter in pots dig up your geraniums and place them in a pot that can comfortably fit their rootball. If you have a particular pelargonium species that you want to keep a.

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Hang them up again in storage.

How to store geranium cuttings over winter. Dont cover Geranium cuttings with a polybag. 11122016 We want to let the cuttings callus over so that it seals over preventing the cuttings from retaining too much moisture. 04122020 Another approach to overwintering geraniums involves storing them with bare roots.

20062021 Even better is the fact that learning how to keep geraniums over the winter is easy. 05082015 11296-Host Brenda Simons gives viewers advice on how to store geraniums during the winter months. But instead of clogging up your windowsills with big tatty old plants take cuttings instead.

27082020 A few times over the winter take the plants down and soak them in water for a couple of hours. Lets look at these different ways. 08092019 Its another fun way to overwinter geraniums.

Ideally the temperature should be between 45-50 F. By the time the frost-free date rolls around theyll be ready to head outdoors. Actually stem cuttings can be taken anytime from geraniums and rooted.

Remove any dead stems. 27082012 PELARGONIUMS and fuchsias are killed by frost so they need to be kept indoors over winter. You may place them in pots or cups without drainage filled with moist perlite or vermiculite.

Put cuttings into moist loose potting soil in a bright indirectly lit spot. Avoid contaminating the supply by pouring some into a separate container. 18112011 Even when rooted I would keep them inside the house over winter in the coolest and lightest place possible.

At this time inspect the stems. Saving geraniums for the winter can be done in three ways. 02112017 Left outside over winter pelargoniums often called geraniums will turn black and die.

People growing show plants are careful to ensure their plants roots are moist but never wet during the winter. 04092020 Cuttings from many annual plants will keep over winter sprout roots and be ready for planting in spring. For this method hanging the plants or covering them loosely with a paper bag works well and eliminates the need for pots.

Remove any leaves on the lower part of the cutting and dip its end into powdered rooting hormone. Two or three times during the winter take the plants out the bags or down from the rafters and soak the roots in water for 1 or 2 hours. Prune the geranium.

They will invariably rot off. Move later to an area where they receive morning sun. Remember with a cutting its a race between the cutting dying from lack of food and water and growing new roots.

How to Save Geraniums Over the Winter in Pots. 11052021 Keep the roots moist because your plants continue to grow over winter. Locate them at first in bright light away from the sun.

In early April pot the geraniums water them well and place in a sunny window with filtered light. Ventilate as often as possible to keep the atmosphere around your plants dry. Its easy to take cuttings from pelargoniums in summer and then overwinter them in a light frost-free place.

First simply cut a section of stem about 3 or 4 inches long at about a 45 degree angle just below a leaf node. Learn 2 simple methods for overwintering your geraniums pelargoniumsPre-order Susans new book The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook on Amazon. To allow this the cuttings should be placed on a newspaper and allowed to rest for about 3-5 days.

We had an almost 100 success rate and the plants put on an impressive growth spurt when potted on in spring and planted outside once the danger of frost has passed in May or June. 17092004 Place the plants inside open paper bags or hang them upside-down from the rafters in a cool dark location for the winter. Geraniums will often survive a drought but will not thrive.

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