When you hold the spray gun up close to a surface more paint gets applied and a narrower spray pattern is made. Unless its done properly by a professional.

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After you have completed the eaves spray the exterior walls themselves.

How to paint the exterior of a house with a sprayer. Paint Exterior of House with a Sprayer With the trim painted now its time to paint the siding. Always take the time to tape windows and areas you do not want to get paint on. Cut in around windows and doors first and then spray the remaining flat areas overlapping each pass by 50.

Prep your house with primer using your Wagner Control Pro 190. You will first clean the exterior and scrape away any loose or blistered paint. Now move across and repeat until the soffits and a few boards of siding are painted.

10012021 Paint spraying is all about preparation. Holding the gun farther away from a surface creates a thinner coat of paint and a wider spray. 15032019 Can You Paint the Exterior of a House With a Sprayer.

Sprayers can extend your reach by another couple of feet when you have high or out-of-the-way areas. Exterior house painting and preparation step by step. Spray painting of the stucco house exterior and the concrete block wall around the back of the houseWh.

25052020 This also features power flash technology that speeds up the clean-up to minutes as you dont want to spend ages cleaning your sprayer after having a day painting your house exteriors essentially all you have to do is hook up to a garden hose via the adapter on the sprayer system to flush out any leftover paint inside the tubes and job done in minutes. Were talking the sprayer clogging every 15 seconds and throwing paint everywhere. Yes you can use a paint sprayer to paint the exterior of a house.

Start at one end of a side and spray 6-8 feet of soffit then several 4-5 or more pieces of siding. Spray Techniques for more spraying pointers. An example of spraying paint a section at a time corner to corner.

This applies to siding soffits and stucco. How do I prepare the exterior of my house for painting. 20052014 This is absolutely true.

When you are painting the exterior of a home you are working on bigger and broader surfaces as well as angles and tight corners. Then set your sprayer up using an acrylic paint and do a test spray on cardboard to gauge paint thickness and spray pattern. But when painting a house by hand you only need to put on your old pair of jeans and shirt pop open the can and start paintingpreparation requires ten minutes tops.

Therefore when finished the home actually has two coats on it. Most of the time a simple wash with a hose a pump sprayer. But in fact we use a gallon of paint per.

At Peak Pro Painting when we spray homes each spray line overlaps the last one by 50. Using a paint sprayer for your homes exterior means that you can cover more areas fasterbut only after the prep work is done. 21092020 Now actually painting the house was one of our biggest frustrating moments.

Visit How to Use a Paint Sprayer. If you look at the back of a paint can it will most likely say that each gallon covers 300-400 square feet. 21092013 If the exterior surface of your house is free of paint-repelling soil the primer and paint will adhere better making the paint last longer.

We invested money in an industrial paint sprayer that could handle painting the exterior of our home and do it quickly. For the siding you can use the 515 tip that comes with the sprayer to get the fastest coverage plus its ideal for exterior latex paints. The sprayer uses High Efficiency Airless technology that decreases overspray by up to 55 percent while delivering softer spray improving control and providing a more-consistent finish.

Overlap your spray passes pass by 50. Make sure the trim is fully dry then mask off the trim with painters tape and plastic sheeting. Practice holding the gun closer to the surface to see that result.

Paint sprayers are your best bet for painting the exterior of your home. The house needs masking and tarps and you need to get properly suited and masked up. Difficult architectural work and textures are easy to cover with a paint sprayer.

Right out of the box we had issues. The best way to paint a house is from the top down completing sections before continuing. 10012021 Paint Sprayer.

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