One thing I discovered is that I can paint from the inside of the second story if it is just the trim around the window and if that window can be opened from the inside both top and bottom. 24052000 When I paint on the second story while on a ladder nobody can be around.

How To Paint Eaves With Pictures Wikihow

Hiring scaffolding can cost an arm and a leg as well as time especially if you are from the UK – where the weather is very unpredictable and so at times hir.

How to paint eaves on a two story house. Complete the second story on one side before moving down to the lower section of that side. If you are painting the trim a different color do it now. It allows you to quickly and precisely apply masking materials.

Use some sense practice first so you dont knock out a window also in my case the house is very tall and I first had toss a weight to a string to get it over the house and then used the string to pull the rope over the house. Most of the time a simple wash with a. Lean one up against the house extended all the way and itll probably touch the gutters no problem.

Try to finish an entire side in one to two days to avoid lap lines caused by paint curing at different times. Its a two story home that needs some minor repairs on the soffits siding etc. This time start high on the scaffold because youre now at ease with the height.

This video shows the basics of how to paint exterior trim on a residential paint job. A sprayer is the quickest way to paint eaves. 21092013 If the exterior surface of your house is free of paint-repelling soil the primer and paint will adhere better making the paint last longer.

Obviously I can use a ladder but that doesnt give you much mobility plus Im not a huge fan of teetering around on a piece of metal 15 off the ground. Work from the top down. Use a power washer to clean the eaves ensure that the surfaces youre planning to paint look clean.

16092018 For example if you are painting the walls in Colorbond Surfmist you can ask the paint shop to mix you a half strength for your eave colour. 26112018 How to paint the eaves of your two-story house. 02052011 The highest climbs I typically make in my residential remodeling practice are over the eaves of a two-story dwelling for anything from painting to gutter maintenance to roof work.

Paint soffits fascia and other trim before moving on to the walls. Still keep the safety measures in Step 3 firmly in mind at all times. It takes ALL my concentration to not flip out.

Set up the 20-foot extension ladder on the roof of the first story if the eaves are recessed so far back that a tall ladder cant reach them from the ground. Once spring hits well likely paint the exterior as well. 29062020 How to Paint the Eaves of a Two-Story House Lift a 20-foot extension ladder up onto the top of the first story of your house.

Mask the body of the house using masking tape and paper. It gets a bit trickier though when you are selecting a darker neutral or grey for the walls or indeed if you are using a face brick with a dark trim. Both literal and figurative.

A 24 extension ladder is the correct choice for most of these kinds of projects. Point your power washer towards your eaves start spraying from the top of the eaves coming down and make sure your hands are steady. Apply the topcoat of exterior latex paint with a paintbrush working in long smooth strokes for even coverage.

A hand-masker is an indispensible tool for this. Find an assistant to support the ladder while you climb up. 01032016 Tie one side of the rope with a weight and tosssling it over the house.

How To Paint Eaves With Pictures Wikihow

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