Eggplant Fansubs. Note: Egg can be substituted with Firm Tofu. Sometimes I get an urge to make some GURPS content, be it something original, or something converted from another system/media.

Onegai My Melody - Episode 25 (Eng Sub) - YouTube
Onegai My Melody – Episode 25 (Eng Sub) – YouTube (Leon Vargas)

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A rich and wholesome relative of the tomato.

Aenan nec augue eget lacus iaculis condimentum.

diogobiotech: Vegan Eggplant Gyros Delish Knowledge

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Onegai My Melody – Episode 4 (Eng Sub) – YouTube

Hoodoo: Recipe by #m85

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AnimeNation: Onegai My Melody [Eggplant Fansubs]

¿ cual seria tu nombre? | •Anime• Amino

Merhaba sevgili MOR Fansub takipçileri 🙌 Bilinmeyen nedenlerden ötürü IG hesabımız kapatıldı. İtirazda bulunsak da herhangi bir olumlu dönüş alamadık. This fruit (yes, it's actually a fruit) was given the name "eggplant" by. Sometimes LOL fansubs have the correct translations, to an extent; and even though the words are correct, awkward moments are still humorous because of how something's translated.